Castleknock/Mulhuddart Area Committee (Services A - Operational Matters) (Thu, 25th Oct 2018 - 3:30 pm) 

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  1. This webcast is scheduled for Thu, 25th Oct 2018 - 3:30 pm.
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  1. 1 Minutes of Previous Meeting

  2. Questions

  3. 2 Councillor T. Doyle - Ongar Playground Repair. AI044114

  4. 3 Councillor T. Doyle -Remedial Works - Footpaths - Ongar Link Road AI044182

  5. 4 Councillor T. Doyle - Footpaths - Deerhaven . AI044281

  6. 5 Councillor T. Doyle - Update Report - Footpaths in Clonsilla. AI044283

  7. 6 Councillor T. Doyle - Double Yellow Lines Deerhaven . AI044181

  8. 7 Councillor T. Doyle - Repainting - Road Markings - Lohunda Park/Shelerin Road Junction. AI044593

  9. 8 Councillor T. Doyle - Repainting - Road Markings - Ongar Distributor Road/Shelerin Road Junction to Shelerin Road/Mountview Road Junction. AI044594

  10. 9 Councillor T. Doyle - Footpath Damage - Hunters Run . AI044731

  11. 10 Councillor H. Mahony - Bramley Park. - Footpath Works. AI045162

  12. 11 Councillor H. Mahony - Bramley Park - Entrance Sign. AI045163

  13. 12 Councillor H. Mahony - Somerton/Rugged Lane. AI045165

  14. 13 Councillor P. Donnelly - Repair of Footpaths in Meadow Downs. AI045175

  15. 14 Councillor P. Donnelly - Repair of Railings at Dromheath Avenue. AI045176

  16. 15 Councillor P. Donnelly - Repainting of Yellow Box at Junction at Lohunda Park. AI045178

  17. 16 Councillor P. Donnelly - Timeline for Pedestrian Lights at Parnell Estate. AI045177

  18. 17 Councillor P. Donnelly - Bollards at the Boulevard Tyrrelstown. AI045179

  19. 18 Councillor P. Donnelly - Knee Rails at Bellgree Avenue. AI045180

  20. 19 Councillor P. Donnelly - New Bus Stop at Huntstown Shops and School. AI045181

  21. 20 Councillor R. O'Gorman - Licence Application by Promotors of Rock and Roll Half Marathon. AI044753

  22. 21 Councillor R. O'Gorman - Update on Joy-Riding on Dunsink Tip-Head. AI045186

  23. 22 Councillor R. O'Gorman - Rat-Running along Pecks Lane. AI045187

  24. 23 Councillor R. O'Gorman - Street Lighting between Castleknock Station and the 12th Lock. AI045188

  25. 24 Councillor R. O'Gorman - Replanting behind Castleknock Elms. AI045189

  26. Operational New Works, etc.

  27. 25 Proposed Road Abandonment of a Section of the R121 at Hollywoodrath Road.

  28. 26 Area Chairperson's Business: Councillor T. Leddy

  29. Motions

  30. 27 Councillor T. Doyle - Pedestrian Safety Measures. AI044791

  31. 28 Councillor M. Waine - Speeding on Littlepace Distributor Road. AI044675

  32. 29 Councillor H. Mahony - School Traffic Warden. AI045161

  33. 30 Councillor P. Donnelly - New Security Measures for Powerstown Allotments. AI045182

  34. 31 Councillor R. O'Gorman - Update on Powerstown Allotments. AI045184

  35. 32 Councillor P. Donnelly - Funding for a New Playground in Corduff. AI045183

  36. 33 Councillor R. O'Gorman - Traffic at the Entrance to Rosemount Industrial Estate. AI045185