Balbriggan Swords Area Committee (Services A - Operational Matters) (Thu, 13th Dec 2018 - 3:00 pm) 

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  1. This webcast is scheduled for Thu, 13th Dec 2018 - 3:00 pm.
    It will start automatically.


  1. 1 Confirmation and Re-affirmation of Minutes

  2. Questions

  3. 2 Councillor D. Smith: Well Road. AI045022

  4. 3 Councillor D. Smith: Turvey Avenue. AI045023

  5. 4 Councillor D. Smith: Paddy Mahony Park AI045024

  6. 5 Councillor D. Smith - Electric Car Charging Points AI045025

  7. 6 Councillor D. Smith: Boroimhe Parking AI045027

  8. 7 Councillor D. Smith: Brackenstown Road AI045399

  9. 8 Councillor D. Smith: Tilting Tree. AI045402

  10. 9 Councillor D. Smith: Castlegrange Traffic LIghts. AI045418

  11. 10 Councillor B. Dennehy: Blue Flag Status South Beach, Rush. AI045490

  12. 11 Councillor B. Dennehy: Public Lights Woodland Park, Rush.. AI045492

  13. 12 Councillor B. Dennehy: Safety Measures Chapel Farm Estate, Lusk. AI045494

  14. 13 Councillor B. Dennehy: Extension of Lusk Grave Yard. AI045498

  15. 14 Councillor B. Dennehy - Healy's Lane Blind Corner AI045500

  16. 15 Councillor P.Mulville: Newbridge Estate Wall. AI045502

  17. 16 Councillor P. Mulville: Portrane Road re-instatement Glaslinn Development. AI045798

  18. 17 Councillor P.Mulville: Beaverstown Road - Damaged Footpath. AI045799

  19. 18 Councillor P. Mulville: Safe Routes to School "Walking Bus" Donabate. AI045914

  20. 19 Councillor P. Mulville: Beaverstown Orchard/ Eden Grove. AI046030

  21. 20 Councillor P. Mulville: Marsh Lane, Portrane - Road Repairs. AI046031

  22. 21 Councillor P. Mulville: Portrane Road Re-instatement Glaslinn Development. AI046034

  23. 22 Councillor A. Henchy: Upgrades of Roads and Footpaths in the Corballis Area

  24. 23 Councillor A. Henchy: Somerton / Carrs Mill Residents Association

  25. 24 Councillor A. Henchy: Signage at Donabate and Portrane

  26. 25 Councillor A. Henchy: Beverton and Beresford Housing Estates on Turvey Avenue - Flooding

  27. 26 Councillor A. Henchy - Donabate Beach

  28. 27 Councillor A. Henchy - Safety Assessment at Kilcrea Entrance Newbridge House & Farm

  29. 28 Councillor A. Henchy: Double Yellow Lines. AI045943

  30. 29 Councillor J. Sinnott: Water Fountains. AI045538

  31. 30 Councillor J. Sinnott - Plans for Roads in Swords for 2019 AI045666

  32. 31 Councillor J. Sinnott: Public Lighting, Santry. AI045667

  33. 32 Councillor J. Sinnott: Santry Close. AI045668

  34. 33 Councillor J. Sinnott: ESB Work in Meakstown. AI045674

  35. 34 Councillor M. Quinn: Speed Limit Review. AI045557

  36. 35 Councillor M. Quinn: Naul Road, Balbriggan. AI045784

  37. 36 Councillor M. Quinn: Hampton Cove, Balbriggan. AI045925

  38. 37 Councillor M. Quinn: Traffic Lights at Skerries Road, Balbriggan. AI045926

  39. 38 Councillor M. Quinn: Safety Assessment at Cove Beach, Balbriggan. AI045927

  40. 39 Councillor M. Quinn: Sinead De Valera Plaque, Glover Court, Balbriggan. AI045928

  41. 40 Councillor M. Quinn: Castleland Roundabout, Balbriggan. AI045930

  42. 41 Councillor M. Quinn: Proposed Traffic Assessment, Barnageeragh. AI045932

  43. 42 Councillor P. Lynam: Installation of Modular Speed Cushions in Bunbury Gate. AI045671

  44. 43 Councillor R. O'Donoghue: Flooding Outside Lusk Garda Station. AI045665

  45. 44 Councillor R. O'Donoghue - Scheme for Managing Cars Mounting the Footpaths at the Bandstand Green in Lusk AI045757

  46. 45 Councillor R. O'Donoghue: Water Pooling in Dun Emer Green Estate in Lusk. AI045760

  47. 46 Councillor R. O'Donoghue: Traffic Calming Measure in Areas near Lusk National School. AI045802

  48. 47 Councillor R. O'Donoghue: Traffic Calming Measures at the Entrance to Clonrath. AI045805

  49. 48 Councillor R. O'Donoghue: Request for Cleaning and installation of shrubbery in Minister's Park Lusk. AI045762

  50. 49 Councillor R. O'Donoghue: Footpaths in Kelly Park, Lusk. AI045803

  51. 50 Councillor G. Maguire: Flooding - Balbriggan. AI045736

  52. 51 Councillor G. Maguire: Curran Park, Balbriggan. AI045935

  53. 52 Councillor G. Maguire: Grass - Curran Park, Balbriggan. AI045936

  54. 53 Councillor D. Butler: Brackenstown Road Traffic Calming. AI045939

  55. 54 Councillor D. Butler: Pinnock Hill Roundabout. AI045988

  56. 55 Councillor D. Butler: Well Road, Swords. AI045991

  57. 56 Councillor D. Butler: Ward Valley Bins. AI045993

  58. 57 Councillor B. Martin: Footpath Loughshinny to Skerries. AI045961

  59. 58 Councillor B. Martin: Street Lighting Loughshinny to Skerries. AI045962

  60. 59 Councillor B. Martin: Traffic Calming Clonrath Avenue, Lusk. AI045970

  61. 60 Councillor B. Martin: Traffic Management Solutions, Lusk National School. AI045971

  62. 61 Councillor C. Boland: Recreational Facilities. AI045976

  63. 62 Councillor C. Boland: Gully Clearing. AI045977

  64. 63 Councillor T. O'Leary: Pump Lane Skerries. AI045995

  65. 64 Councillor T. O'Leary: Footpaths in Vicinity of Skerries Mills Water Logged. AI046007

  66. 65 Councillor T. O'Leary: Broken Light at the Monument adjacent to the Proposed EBS Grimes Auctioneers New Premises. AI046010

  67. 66 Councillor T. O'Leary: Broken Footpath Tree Stump outside Skerries Florist - Surrounded by Orange Bollards. AI046012

  68. 67 Councillor T. Murphy: Surface Water Drains, Glebe North FC. AI046006

  69. 68 Councillor T. Murphy: Bremore Court. AI046009

  70. Operational New Works etc.

  71. 69 Extinguishment of Right of Way at Junction of Church Road and Bridge Street, Swords

  72. 70 Proposed Footpath at Beverton Green

  73. 71 Proposed Traffic Management Scheme for Balrothery, Co. Dublin

  74. 72 Area Chairpersons Business: Councillor A. Henchy Main Road Network, Donabate. AI045958

  75. Motions

  76. 73 Councillor D. Smith: Exercise Equipment. AI045551

  77. 74 Councillor R. O'Donoghue: Playground in Dun Emer Estate, Lusk. AI045521

  78. 75 Councillor P. Lynam: Modular Speed Cushions, St. Cronan's Estate. AI045670

  79. 76 Councillor P. Mulville: Sustainable Public Drinking Water Fountains. AI045887

  80. 77 Councillor J. Newman: Ward River Litter and Dumping. AI045911

  81. 78 Councillor M. Quinn: Flooding Issues Balbriggan/Swords. AI045931

  82. 79 Councillor C. Boland - Rural Crime AI00045483

  83. 80 Councillor T. Murphy: Harbour Master. AI045985

  84. 81 Councillor B. Dennehy - Public Lighting Covering the Walking / Running Track Kenure Park, Rush AI045463

  85. 82 Councillor T. O'Leary - Call for Traffic Management Plan Safety Measure at Dublin Rd. Junction/ Barnageeragh Road (formerly Townparks Road) AI045986

  86. 83 Councillor A.Henchy: Donabate Main Road Network. AI045964

  87. 84 Councillor R. O'Donoghue: Lighting from Blakes Cross to New Haggard. AI045804

  88. 85 Councillor P. Mulville: Footpath along Portrane Road. AI046033

  89. 86 Councillor J. Newman: Ward River and Park Maintenance Programme. AI045912

  90. 87 Councillor C. Boland: Naul Traffic. AI045973

  91. 88 Councillor T. Murphy: Barons Hall. AI046013

  92. 89 Councillor B. Dennehy: Footpaths Naul. AI046035

  93. 90 Councillor T. O'Leary - Car Parking Facility for Skerries Bowling Club AI045992