Castleknock/Mulhuddart Area Committee (Services A - Operational Matters) (Thu, 28th Mar 2019 - 3:30 am) 

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  1. 1 Minutes of Previous Meeting

  2. Questions

  3. 2 Councillor N. Treacy - Stop Sign Fortlawn. AI046610

  4. 3 Councillor N. Treacy - Kissing Gate at Whitestown. AI047259

  5. 4 Councillor N. Treacy - Shrubbery-Hillbrook Woods. AI047598

  6. 5 Councillor N. Treacy - Renaming of Roundabout. AI047641

  7. 6 Councillor N. Treacy - Yellow Lines-College Grove. AI047645

  8. 7 Councillor T. Doyle - Yellow Box - Latchford. AI047313

  9. 8 Councillor M. McCamley - Traffic Lights at Junction 6. AI047265

  10. 9 Councillor H. Mahony - Yellow Box. AI047253

  11. 10 Councillor S. Kavanagh - Dumping along the River in Special Amenity Area. AI047566

  12. 11 Councillor R. O'Gorman - Replacement of Caps on Summerfield Estate Wall. AI047628

  13. 12 Councillor R. O'Gorman - Footpath into St. Catherine's Park. AI047629

  14. 13 Councillor R. O'Gorman - T-junction at Castleknock Way and Laurel Court. AI047630

  15. 14 Councillor P. Donnelly - Signage at Latchford Estate. AI047632

  16. 15 Councillor P. Donnelly - Consultation Process for Corduff Playground. AI047633

  17. 16 Councillor P. Donnelly - Kissing Gate and Railings in Swallowbrook Crescent. AI047635

  18. 17 Councillor P. Donnelly - Traffic Calming Measures on R121 Link Road. AI047637

  19. 18 Councillor P. Donnelly - Yellow Box at Willow Wood and Hartstown Distributor Road.. AI047631

  20. Operational New Works, etc.

  21. 19 Proposed Extinguishment of the Public Right of Way at Old Navan Road/Castleknock Tennis Club

  22. 20 Proposed disposal of land at Castleknock, Dublin 15 to Castleknock Lawn Tennis Club in accordance with Section 211 of the Planning and Development Act, 2000 and subject to the provisions of Section 183 of the Local Government Act, 2001

  23. 21 Proposed installation of additional Double Yellow Lines within the Summerfield Estate

  24. 22 Proposed Traffic Calming Schemes 2019


  26. Motions

  27. 24 Councillor P. Donnelly - Community Installation of Ramps in Estates. AI047638

  28. 25 Councillor S. Kavanagh - Traffic Congestion. AI047115

  29. 26 Councillor M. McCamley - Hollywood Rath Estate. AI047137

  30. 27 Councillor T. Doyle - Damage to Wall in Windermere . AI047218

  31. 28 Councillor H. Mahony - Palisade Fence in Mulberry. AI047133

  32. 29 Councillor R. O'Gorman - Rat Running at Peck's Lane. AI047627

  33. 30 Councillor P. Donnelly - Deep Clean of Sound Barrier at Snughbourough Road and West Way Corduff. AI047639